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Environment x Genes – Fungicides and Autism

Could a new class of fungicides play a role in autism, neurodegenerative diseases? A new UNC School of Medicine study shows how chemicals designed to protect crops can cause gene expression changes in mouse brain cells that look strikingly … Continue reading

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Environmental Enrichment as a Treatment for Early Life Inflammation

Environmental enrichment rescues the effects of early life inflammation on markers of synaptic transmission and plasticity.  Abstract Environmental enrichment (EE) has been successful at rescuing the brain from a variety of early-life psychogenic stressors. However, its ability to reverse … Continue reading

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Environment as a driver of ASD

Annual Research Review: The role of the environment in the developmental psychopathology of autism spectrum condition. Abstract BACKGROUND: Although autism spectrum condition (ASC) is strongly genetic in origin, accumulating evidence points to the critical roles of various environmental influences … Continue reading

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Toxicant Exposure and Autism – The Maternal Environment

The plausibility of maternal toxicant exposure and nutritional status as contributing factors to the risk of autism spectrum disorders. Abstract Recent research suggests the maternal environment may be especially important for the risk of developing autism spectrum disorders (ASD). … Continue reading

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Autism more prevalent in Urban environments – Denmark

Urban-rural differences in incidence rates of psychiatric disorders in Denmark. Abstract Background People born in densely populated areas have a higher risk of developing schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and autism. Aims The purpose of this study was to investigate whether … Continue reading

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Autism – Environment for Boys , Genetics for Girls

Recurrence rates provide evidence for sex-differential, familial genetic liability for autism spectrum disorders in multiplex families and twins. BACKGROUND: Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are more prevalent in males, suggesting a multiple threshold liability model in which females are, on … Continue reading

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Genes / Environment – Autism Twin Study

The Relationship Among Genetic Heritability, Environmental Effects, and Autism Spectrum Disorders: 37 Pairs of Ascertained Twin Study. Abstract Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) comprise a heterogeneous group of neurodevelopmental disorders that have strong heritability. To better understand the heritable factors in … Continue reading

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Environment not Genes – Immune System Variation

Environment, not genes, plays starring role in human immune variation, study finds Improving gene-sequencing technologies have focused immunologists’ attention on the role of genes in diseases. But it appears the environment is an even greater factor in the human … Continue reading

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Environment and Epigenetic changes – Project Ice Storm

Prenatal maternal stress exposure to natural disasters predicts epigenetic profile of offspring The number of days an expectant mother was deprived of electricity during Quebec’s Ice Storm (1998) predicts the epigenetic profile of her child, a new study finds. … Continue reading

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Gene x Environment in Pediatric Crohn’s Disease II

Two-stage Genome-wide Methylation Profiling in Childhood-onset Crohn’s Disease Implicates Epigenetic Alterations at the VMP1/MIR21 and HLA Loci Background: As a result of technological and analytical advances, genome-wide characterization of key epigenetic alterations is now feasible in complex diseases. We … Continue reading

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