Enterovirus linked to Type 1 Diabetes – Implications for Autism

Study Links Enterovirus in Kids to T1D


Full Story at Link

Enterovirus infection may be tied to the development of type 1 diabetes, Taiwanese researchers found.

In a retrospective analysis of national insurance data, children younger than age 18 who had been infected with enterovirus were 48% more likely to develop type 1 diabetes, Tsai- Chung Li, MD, of China Medical University in Taiwan, and colleagues reported online in Diabetologia.

During that time, a total of 570,133 children had an enterovirus infection, and the researchers matched them with 570,133 controls who didn’t have an infection over that time period.

They found that the overall incidence of type 1 diabetes was higher in kids who’d been infected by enterovirus (5.73 versus 3.89 per 100,000), for an incidence rate ratio 1.48 of among infected children (95% CI 1.19-1.83).


* Maternal Viral Infection has been linked to Type 1 Diabetes

* The influenza virus has also been linked

* Children with ASD have a 2x rate of Type 1 diabetes

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