Epilepsy / Autism – New Research – Finland

Epilepsy Among Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Population-Based Study.



The present population-based study examines associations between epilepsy and autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

The cohort includes register data of 4,705 children born between 1987 and 2005 and diagnosed as cases of childhood autism,Asperger’s syndrome or pervasive developmental disorders-not otherwise specified. Each case was matched to four controls by gender, date of birth, place of birth, and residence in Finland.

Epilepsy was associated with ASD regardless of the subgroup after adjusting for covariates.

The associations were stronger among cases with intellectual disability, especially among females.

Epilepsy’s age at onset was similar between the cases and controls regardless of the ASD subgroup.

These findings emphasize the importance to examine the neurodevelopmental pathways in ASD, epilepsy and intellectual disability.

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