The Influenza Iceberg – Implications for Maternal Immune Activation in Autism

Symptoms Just Tip of Flu Iceberg

Published: Mar 17, 2014 | Updated: Mar 18, 2014

Three-quarters of seasonal and pandemic influenza infections never caused symptoms, a population-based comparison of serologic and weekly symptom monitoring showed.

Only 23% of unvaccinated people with serologic evidence of infection reported respiratory or flu-like symptoms, Andrew Hayward, MD, of University College London, and colleagues found in the Flu Watch study.

Just 17% of the symptomatic cases confirmed by nasal swab analysis saw a doctor for their flu, the researchers reported online in Lancet Respiratory Medicine.

“Reported cases of influenza represent the tip of a large clinical and subclinical iceberg that is mainly invisible to routine surveillance systems,” they wrote.



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Epidemiologic studies of exposure to prenatal infection and risk of schizophrenia and autism.

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