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Psychological Effects of Anti-Depressants – Worse than Thought

Psychological side-effects of anti-depressants worse than thought http://www.liv.ac.uk/ LIVERPOOL, UK – 26 February 2014: A University of Liverpool researcher has shown that thoughts of suicide, sexual difficulties and emotional numbness as a result of anti-depressants may be more widespread than … Continue reading

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IQ Brain Cortex and Thinning – Implications for Autism

New evidence confirms link between IQ and brain cortex https://www.mcgill.ca/channels-contribute/channels/news/new-evidence-confirms-link-between-iq-and-brain-cortex-233830 Montreal scientists play key role in long-term international study Rate of change in the thickness of the brain’s cortex is an important factor associated with a person’s change in IQ, … Continue reading

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