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Language Development , Myelin and the importance of Environment

Brain anatomy and language in young children http://news.brown.edu/pressreleases/2013/10/language Language ability is usually located in the left side of the brain. Researchers studying brain development in young children who were acquiring language expected to see increasing levels of myelin, a nerve … Continue reading

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Stress, Vaginal and Placental Bacteria and Autism.

Study Shows Moms May Pass Effects of Stress to Offspring Via Vaginal Bacteria and Placenta http://www.uphs.upenn.edu/news/News_Releases/2013/11/bale/ Penn Medicine Studies Presented at Neuroscience 2013 Point to Two Potential Ways Mothers Pass Stress onto Child SAN DIEGO — Pregnant women may transmit … Continue reading

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Biomarkers of Neuroinflammation – Autism – GABA, Oxytocin and IFI16

Association of social and cognitive impairment and biomarkers in autism spectrum disorders http://www.jneuroinflammation.com/content/11/1/4/abstract# Full Paper at Link Objectives The neurological basis for autism is still not fully understood, and the role of the interaction between neuro-inflammation and neurotransmission impairment needs … Continue reading

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