Inflammation in Autism : Chicken or the Egg ?

Well actually I was looking at this research surrounding Depression published in January of this year and wondering if it applies to Autism in the same way. I have a feeling the answer is yes and no (that’s autism research).

Here’s the original article …

Inflammation in Depression: Chicken or Egg?

An important ongoing debate in the field of psychiatry is whether inflammation in the body is a consequence of or contributor to major depression. A new study in Biological Psychiatry has attempted to resolve the issue.

“Inflammation in the body is common to many diseases, including high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, and diabetes. Depression has also been linked to an inflammation marker in blood called C-reactive protein (CRP).

Dr. William Copeland at Duke University Medical Center and his colleagues tested the direction of association between depression and CRP in a large sample of adolescent and young adult volunteers. By following the children into young adulthood, they were able to assess the changes over time in both their CRP levels and any depressive symptoms or episodes.

They found that elevated levels of CRP did not predict later depression, but the number of cumulative depressive episodes was associated with increased levels of CRP.

“Our results support a pathway from childhood depression to increased levels of CRP, even after accounting for other health-related behaviors that are known to influence inflammation. We found no support for the pathway from CRP to increased risk for depression,” said Copeland.

These findings suggest that, by this measure, depression is more likely to contribute to inflammation in the body as opposed to arise as a consequence of inflammation in the body.”

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2 Responses to Inflammation in Autism : Chicken or the Egg ?

  1. seventhvoice says:

    This is an interesting article. Thank you for posting it. I’m still very much on the fence when it comes to trying to understand these issues as they relate to autism specifically.

  2. Sheena says:

    I would agree depression triggers the inflammation, I have had my bouts and my joints ache like crazy when I get them. Do you think the immune system inhibition caused by depression causes the inflammation? I kind of think that. Either way depression is far worse on the body than ever suspected and science is proving that daily. Love the blog, I know I write very obscure material but I am very interested in alternative medicine and the medical field as well (should be, I nurse :)) sooooo this looks like a good read.

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