Autism and Dyslexia (and meditation)

Some interesting research coming out of University of Louisville in Kentucky in regards to gyrification of autistics, dyslexics, and controls. (Thought provoking if you read the additional readings presented below.)

“In this present study, we apply spherical harmonics, an established technique which we have exapted to estimate surface complexity of the brain, in order to identify abnormalities in gyrification between autistics, dyslexics, and controls. On the order of absolute surface complexity, autism exhibits the most extreme phenotype, controls occupy the intermediate ranges, and dyslexics exhibit lesser surface complexity.”

Interesting because …

“Gyrification is the process by which the brain undergoes changes in surface morphology to create sulcal and gyral regions. The period of greatest development of brain gyrification is during the third trimester of pregnancy, a period of time in which the brain undergoes considerable growth.”

For a clear explanation of gyrification …

and if you wanted some more interesting research read here …

Long-term meditators have larger amounts of gyrification

Cortical Gyrification and Sulcal Spans in Early Stage Alzheimer’s Disease

The Unique Brain Anatomy of Meditation Practitioners: Alterations in Cortical Gyrification

The underlying anatomical correlates of long-term meditation: larger hippocampal and frontal volumes of gray matter.

Image: imagerymajestic /

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