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Mental Illness linked to other Health Problems.

Should be read in conjunction with the Harvard study of co-morbid diseases and autism found here … “Adults who had any type of mental illness in the past year were also more likely to have high blood pressure, asthma, … Continue reading

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Nature: Gut Microflora and Autism.

Interesting article on gut microflora … the relationship between gut microflora and Autism has been of much interest to researchers particularly recently following the publication of research that shows there are substantial differences between the ASD patients and the general … Continue reading

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Allergy , Mast Cells and GI issues

Further readings of interest are presented below showing the varying links of Allergy , autism and mast cells. Mast cell-orchestrated immunity to pathogens “Although mast cells were discovered more than a century ago, their functions beyond their role in … Continue reading

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Allergy : New Thinking

Provocative new  thoughts on allergy have been presented in Nature this issue which makes it a timely reminder of previous commentary and research regarding possible links between autism and allergy. “Allergies are generally thought to be a detrimental outcome of … Continue reading

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Louis Theroux and Autism

Louis Theroux is one of the television personalities I love to watch as he has explored many of the taboo areas of society and given some human quality and insight into what are famously or infamously “extraordinary” humans and their … Continue reading

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Muscular Dystrophy and Autism – Harvard 2012

The latest research on autism and co-morbid conditions identified a significant percentage of ASD children with Muscular Dystrophy. It was certainly something I had not come across before so I did a quick search to see what could be found … Continue reading

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Looking Back – Gut Issues and Autism

The newly released Harvard study of co-morbid conditions in ASD children has many details that certainly warrant further investigation and reflection. In regards to GI symptoms I had thought this latest study underestimated the previous prevalence figures of GI issues … Continue reading

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Longitudinal Studies of Autism Outcomes

Researchers at Centre for Research in Autism and Education, London, United Kingdom; and University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia undertook a follow up study on 37 children diagnosed with autism at 5 years. Three years later when the children were … Continue reading

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Co-morbid Conditions and Autism – Harvard Medical

An important research paper has just been released by researchers at Harvard Medical School in which they examine the co-morbid conditions associated with autism. Over 14,000 individuals under 35 were examined and the following prevalence figures drawn. “19.44% of ASD … Continue reading

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The Gut and Schizophrenia

Gastrointestinal issues in ASD children have been investigated since at least 1998 by researchers in the UK  and subsequently by researchers across the Atlantic. This is the first time I have seen a focused study on GI issues and schizophrenia. … Continue reading

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