Quick Post – Pesticides and Autism

University of California researchers,  including Irva Hertz- Picciotto , have called for pesticides to be part of the ongoing environmental investigation of autism risk factors.

Tipping the Balance of Autism Risk: Potential Mechanisms Linking Pesticides and Autism.


“Based on experimental and observational research, certain pesticides may be capable of inducing core features of autism but little is known about the timing, dose, or which of various mechanisms is sufficient to induce this condition. Conclusions: In animal studies, we encourage more research on gene X environment interactions, as well as experimental exposure to mixtures of compounds. Similarly, epidemiologic studies in humans with exceptionally high exposures can identify which pesticide classes are of greatest concern, and studies focused on gene X environment are needed to determine if there are susceptible sub-populations at greater risk from pesticide exposures.”

Coming from an area myself where geographic and agriculture elements  may well lead to pesticide residues being found in the air , soil and water naturally interests me.

Further readings of Interest

Maternal Residence Near Agricultural Pesticide Applications and Autism Spectrum Disorders among Children in the California Central Valley


Environmental risk factors for autism


Image: sakhorn38 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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