Louis Theroux and Autism

Louis Theroux is one of the television personalities I love to watch as he has explored many of the taboo areas of society and given some human quality and insight into what are famously or infamously “extraordinary” humans and their outlooks.

Recently he has just presented a remarkable show on autism read the review here … this will give you a taste of what to expect and respect.


To be shown on BBC Two. If you get the chance to watch please do. I haven’t as yet but I’m sure it will be another remarkable piece of television docu/journalism.

In the end Autism is about a whole bunch of people with many differing perspectives.  Which makes humanity all the more interesting. Some of us have had very close and personal ties to Autism, whilst other people may have never engaged with an autistic person or child at all. Whatever the situation it seems as though this show may be a good time to reflect.

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1 Response to Louis Theroux and Autism

  1. passionlessdrone says:

    Hi asdresearchinitiative –

    Thanks for pointing this out to me. I caught a few minutes of ‘weird weekends’ many years ago and it was totally hilarious. I’ve tried, but failed, to explain to people the absurdity of LT explaining to gangster rappers that he was rapping about ‘having a Fiat’ because he was ‘just trying to keep it real’. I’ve tried to get copies of that series in the USA, but mostly they seem encoded for european dvd machines, which is a shame.

    I’m going to try to find a way to watch this one. Good job.

    – pD

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