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Longitudinal Studies of Autism Outcomes

Researchers at Centre for Research in Autism and Education, London, United Kingdom; and University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia undertook a follow up study on 37 children diagnosed with autism at 5 years. Three years later when the children were … Continue reading

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Co-morbid Conditions and Autism – Harvard Medical

An important research paper has just been released by researchers at Harvard Medical School in which they examine the co-morbid conditions associated with autism. Over 14,000 individuals under 35 were examined and the following prevalence figures drawn. “19.44% of ASD … Continue reading

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The Gut and Schizophrenia

Gastrointestinal issues in ASD children have been investigated since at least 1998 by researchers in the UKĀ  and subsequently by researchers across the Atlantic. This is the first time I have seen a focused study on GI issues and schizophrenia. … Continue reading

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