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ASD Immunotherapy – Best Hope ?

University of Virginia researchers have been undertaking work on mice and Rett Syndrome. Unexpectedly their work revealed once again the importance of the immune system is ASD pathology. Their important work is explored in detail here … http://insciences.org/article.php?article_id=10720 “We are … Continue reading

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Enriched Rearing Improves Behavioral Responses of an Animal Model for CNV-based Autistic-like Trait

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22492990 “Potocki-Lupski syndrome (PTLS; MIM #610883), characterized by neurobehavioral abnormalities, intellectual disability (ID), and congenital anomalies, is caused by a 3.7 Mb duplication in 17p11.2. Neurobehavioral studies determined that ~70-90% of PTLS subjects tested positive for autism or ASD. We … Continue reading

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