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The ASD Research Initiative is about presenting timely, objective and unprejudiced research and it’s dissemination to parents and community that link together under four main themes – Mental Health – The Immune System – The Gut – Epilepsy

Collectively I am primarily concerned with ASD etiology and pathology. My special interest both professional (non medical) over 25 years and personal 11 years is in the interplay of ASD and the immune system. That interest now flows naturally into other mental health areas like schizophrenia, depression , bipolar , ADHD … the list goes on. It also fluid as connections are made in these mental health areas and specific ‘physical’ diseases’ like autoimmune conditions and atopic diseases.

I have a son with diagnosed with ASD. He also has a difficulties with his immune system, food allergies , anaphylaxis, asthma , and eczema. Hence my interest in the immune system.

I understand that there may be other pathways to the ASD diagnosis point and clearly recognize a genetic component in autism. I believe there is an environmental role that may essentially effect the pathology of ASD if not be a direct part of the etiology. What the trajectory / pathway of autism looks like is the general topic underlying this small blog.

It’s all about speculation not certainty … that’s one lesson I’ve learned from Autism science.

In each article / research you will see that I do not comment directly but indirectly by highlighting what I perceive as the important issues raised in each. Often you will also see at the bottom I present ‘Further Readings of Interest’ which I believe are of value and interconnect each article to previous understandings we have.

Hopefully this blog will pass on some information that people will find both fascinating and thought provoking. Your commentary is welcome.

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